Weird New Pop 07/27/17

Weird New Pop Vol. 3 by Stephen MejiasWeird New Pop by Stephen Mejias for AudioStream.

Writing and selecting

Stephen Mejias is writing and hosting a monthly exposé of weird new pop, as the name gives away, along with his own thoughtful insights and narratives. Each monthly showcase has a cover with a photo by Stephen and layout/design by Brother Todd. Go to Audiostream to read and listen.

New Recordings 07/27/17

Ways to make 2017 not as awful as it isPhoto by Stephen from his Instagram.


Stephen and Todd have new ways to generate sounds, collaborate, and record new material. No guess on when new sounds might surface but music ideas have finally started again.

Assistance 12/10/12

... and darkness came: Headphone Commute's Hurrican Sandy victim Relief

From Headphone Commute: This colossal compilation has been curated by Headphone Commute to benefit all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, which has devastated portions of the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States in late October 2012. 100% of all the proceeds generated from the sale of this album will be donated towards two charitable organizations: Doctors Without Borders and The Humane Society. The artists on the release have been hand-picked to showcase the world's top talent in ambient, modern classical, and experimental music. The unprecedented selection features many unreleased pieces composed exclusively for the cause.

... and darkness came

Floods on the London Orbital 11/11/12


Gimpo's 25

UK's Iron Man Records scores Gimpo's M25 25 Hour Spin video short with the At Work remix of We Broke: Down by Floods.

Remixes 11/10/12

Floods - Intermission


Now on Bandcamp 03/10/12



Released 08/08/08



Floods' solitary offering, Transmission, arose from honest love, was completed from sadness and desperation, and finally polished into a smooth stone by time and distance. Though the great majority of its simple riffs and beats were performed during one sleepless weekend, as the calendar year rolled from late night to early morning (2002 going into 2003), the final product is only now being released.

The story is that of a young man and woman. They are in love. A very straightforward story: Due to unspecified circumstances, the young man and woman are temporarily separated by many states, rivers, and trains. They look forward to meeting again. Though they will spend Christmas apart, the New Year will be theirs. They speak of great things. They plan adventures, make promises, share dreams. Upon their reunion, however, something has passed. The woman is no longer happy, and the young man cannot please her. A sudden end, a break, a stillness. Stephen Mejias, guitarist of New Jersey's Multi-Purpose Solution, called on his close friend, Brother Todd, to help him set these moods to music. The result is a gentle but urgent thing -- a call for help, a last kiss goodbye -- Transmission by Floods.